Keeping track with one's rights and entitlements is becoming increasingly difficult nowadays. You might be entitled to receive additional financial help from the Government and you do not even know about that. We at BNA Consulting can assist you in finding out if you are eligible for any of the available benefits and our expert team of English and Russian speaking consultants will help you to apply.

We at BNA Consulting want to make sure that you get what you rightly deserve, especially pertaining to tax credits and other payments from the government. If you're the caretaker for at least one child or young person who lives with you or you take care of, you may qualify for Child Tax Credit. In case you work but earn low wages, BNA Consulting may help you with your paperwork so that you may qualify for Working Tax Credit.

The amount of tax credits you get depends on things like how many children you have living with you or whether you work and how many hours you work. BNA Consulting can also assist if you pay for childcare or if you or any child living with you has a disability. On the other hand, our English and Russian speaking experts can help you gain your benefits if you're aged 50 or plus and are coming off benefits. BNA Consulting will also refer to your income as your benefit payments will also depend on your income. Thus, the lower your income, the more tax credit you get!

Our experts at BNA Consulting can help you gain additional benefits if you are aged over 60. We will make sure to check if you may be entitled to Pension Credit - extra money each week. It's made up of two elements - the 'Guarantee Credit' element and the 'Savings Credit' element (which may be payable from age 65) or if your age is 60 or over - Guarantee Credit element.

BNA Consulting can also file for benefits if you're single. In that case, you’ll get the difference between £130 and your total weekly income if it's less than this. If you live with a partner, you’ll get the difference between £198.45 and your joint total weekly income if it's less than this. But you may get more money if you have caring responsibilities, are severely disabled or have certain housing costs. Age 65 or over - Savings Credit element. If you or your partner are aged 65 or over, you may be entitled to the guarantee credit, the savings credit or both.

Be sure to count on BNA Consulting to help you gain the benefits you deserve by trusting us with your well-being.

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